MeeTV is the best streaming platform for the highest-quality videos made by independent creators.
MeeTV is a digital streaming platform revolutionising social media and user-generated content. Bridging the gap between high-quality streaming services and accessible user-generated content, MeeTV fuses the creativity of platforms like YouTube with the premium experience of Netflix.

As an ad-supported platform, MeeTV offers a diverse content range, allowing creators to monetise their work through subscriptions, tips, deals and a competitive share of Ad Revenue and MeeTV premium revenue.
Your partners in creativity
We're a team of passionate creatives and industry professionals dedicated to providing human service to our creators.
Quality streaming redefined
We're transforming streaming into an immersive journey of boundless creativity and uncompromising quality. These 5 core values are at the centre of everything we do to achieve that vision
QualityShining a light on high quality content
FreedomGiving licence to create without boundary
CommunityConnecting creators and viewers
ControlCreators have total control over their content
RewardRewarding creators so they can create bigger, better things
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