Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can join MeeTV with a viewer account and start enjoying great content straight away.

To join as a Creative Member, we look for emerging creative talent and creators who are producing new exciting and original content. If you think that’s you, you can apply for membership by submitting 2 minutes of your material

No, MeeTV is free for all!

There are many.

Members are able to post content and receive 95% of the revenue generated from their videos.

Members can receive tips from viewers, as well as earning licensing deals and sponsorships.

Members also gain access to the MeeTV community, a group of creators with which to explore ideas, collaborate on projects and share advice and guidance.

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To become a MeeTV Creative Member, we ask that you provide us with two minutes of your original content for us to review and make a decision on whether or not you are suitable for the platform.

Create an account and log-in to get started.


If you’d like to re-apply with different material we’re happy to consider another application.